About us

Our history

The beginning...

In 1984 we travelled Greece for the first time as a young couple and were immediately fascinated by the warmth and hospitality of the locals. The ability of the Greeks to approach strangers very openly was for us a mentality that we immediately had to take into our hearts. In addition, the mild Mediterranean climate with its thriving flora and fauna - not to forget the lush olive groves -, the warming sun, the view of the sea, the fantastic bays with sandy beaches and crystal clear water in all shades of blue-turquoise, and "last but not least" the fantastic Greek cuisine with its wonderful wines from sun-ripened grapes. A place to feel good all around...

The dream of an own domicile for us and our meanwhile small family in just this feel-good environment grew steadily and was realized in 1999, with the construction of our own house in the south of the island of Crete. At the same time the question arose: "Do we need a house for us and our family all alone? The answer was quickly found and thus the decision was sealed to make this paradise available to other recreation seekers.  

Many hurdles were overcome in the official rental of villas in Greece. Due to the very good marketing of our house from the beginning and the visits of many satisfied guests, neighbours who had vacant villas at their disposal also became aware of us. However, as they lacked the know-how for the right marketing, we gladly took care of their concerns. This laid the foundation for the launch of our first website www.crete-holiday-home.com. The intensive and personal contact to the house owners, with whom we were also friends, as well as the knowledge of the events in and around the villas and of course the experience from renting out our own domicile, made our work easy, which convinced many guests.

Soon the initial offer in the south of the island became more and in the meantime we offer exclusive villas with a special luxurious design as well as holiday homes with traditional flair, which we by the way have visited all suburbs, in all parts of the diverse - modern but also archaic - and beautiful island of Crete, which almost became our second home.

... how it went on

This wealth of experience now flows into our offer of exquisite luxury villas and authentic holiday homes, as well as suites in idyllic locations on other interesting and charming islands in Greece, which we offer and describe on our website "VILLTRAVEL". On our travels we were able to experience how different the landscape and climate of the different islands of Greece are. What you can always find on every Greek island is the friendliness of the islanders and the fantastic Mediterranean cuisine.

Also here all villas, suites and apartments are inspected by us on the spot.

Let our offer surprise you on the following pages... We look forward to your booking with VILLTRAVEL!

Walter Kirmaier, Helga Kirmaier and Lena Kirmaier